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— Икона видеоигр, MTV
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The competition results are announced


Dear players! Today we are pleased to announce the results of our art competition. It is nice to note that among the players of "Juggernaut" there are a lot of talented people who have sent us some wonderful creations. The artists have spared no ink. They worried and have fun together with their heroes who were victorious in the fiercest of battles.

Valeriy Sidorov send an original work humorously describing his day with "Juggernaut", and he even wrote an overview of the game. Ilya Laveryak sent an interesting story, creating a wonderful image of his character and toutlining his exciting adventures. As a reward these authors get 500 crystals. The main prize goes to the author, who identified himself as DamniaN Pro. He described the adventures of his character in the form of diary entries. He receives a prize of 1000 crystals.

We will get in touch with all our winners as soon as possible.

Thanks to all our players who took part in the competition!

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