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Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering updated to version 2.2


Dear players! We are glad to notice that the number of Radvey's defenders increases every day. Your heroes selflessly kill enemies and gain the brilliant victorys in the battles. We express our gratitude to all users for their support! Today we want to tell you about the version 2.2.

First of all, we added three new chapters prior Sovering's lair. The might of Sovering now depends on additional factors and player can weaken it before the decisive battle. 


You will see new enemies and bosses, and we added the ability to improve the legendary armor so you can make your character even stronger!
Development of Mine: all mines will be available for the picks. This won't affect those of you who already opened them for the crystals.

An interesting innovation: monsters that attack locations, will be weak originally, but their level will increase when they feed on population. Each eaten man will increase their level by 1. So pay attention!

In addition, there are two new videos in the game. Also we've fixed all known bugs.

Stay tuned!

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